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An Irish walks into a bar in Ireland and says ''Three beers please'' and the bartender thinks it is strange.
''Excuse me,'' he says, ''But why do you order three beers at once?''
And the man says ''Oh, well my brothers Patrick and Michael are away working in the United States. We used to drink together and now we can't. So I order three pints - one form me, one for Patrick and one for Michael.''
''Oh, I see'' says the bartender.
A month later the man returns and looks very sad.
''Two pints, please''
The bartender says ''I'm very sorry for your loss.'' and the man says
''What do you mean?''
''Well, you only ordered two pint. Obviously one of your brothers is dead''
''No!'' laughs the man, ''my brothers are fine! I stopped drinking!''

order objednat
at once najednou
we used to měli jsme ve zvyku
I see chápu
looks very sad vypadá moc smutně
What do you mean? Co tím myslíte?
obviously očividně, zjevně


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